Current Projects

Artists Residency at the Burren College of Art, Ireland:  Sept-Oct 2017

Newton Castle, Burren

On 13 September 2017 took up the invitation of an arts residence at the Burren College of Art.  Located in the Newton Castle, the college has a prestigious reputation in Europe, particularly in contemporary design.  It is located in the incredible Burren National Park;  a strange ancient place of natural beauty, mystery and history.

rock formations

timestone strata

My purpose for this residency was to learn a new Projection Mapping program, however I got waylaid by the energy of that place.  The Burren insistently called me somewhere beneath the mostly intellectual place I normally live in.  Some of my ancestors walked this land, and it has these deep echoes of genetic memory as I’ve been researching my question:  Do we hold all the memories of our ancestors in our DNA?

The desire to engage with the environment around the Burren College subverted my original plan to use the residency to make videos and learn a projection mapping program.  Drawing is a more directly engaging practice, specially since I make my videos in a darkened space.  And the call of the Burren had me out walking with drawing materials and paper in a back pack, making the original draft of my drawings en plein air.

I had also forgotten to bring my own tripod, and while my wonderful housemate and fellow arts resident made me one, it took the first ten days, and by then I was well engrossed in the drawing.

Lots of conceptual videos and photos were made in the end, and I’ll edit and publish them when I get back to Australia.  For now here’s some of what I’ve been doing.